About Time Tracking

A short overview about the app

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Time Tracking

Time Tracking app allows you to log in working time on specific pages in Confluence. It is so simple and does not need switching context between Confluence and Jira. Log your time where you actually work.

πŸ— How does it work?

Fully integrated within Confluence, every user can log their work without having to create a special issue in Jira. On the page, you can also see the work of your contributors. A dedicated dashboard in the global context allows generating a useful report.

πŸ”‘ What are the key features of Time Tracking?

Features include:

  • Possibility to log work on each Confluence page

  • See the work of other contributors to the page

  • A bird's eye view shows a report to track where time is spent

πŸ’ͺ What are the key benefits of using Time Tracking?

Key benefits of using Time Tracking include:

  • Log work as child's play - Enter the date with time and add a description. You do not need to switch to Jira and waste time looking for issues.

  • Highlight each person's work - Thanks to the summary of logs of all users on the specific Confluence page, you will not miss anything.

  • Track logged time - Check which pages users are working on the most. Export data to a .csv file for further processing.

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